Published: Sat, February 18, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Trump taps Cerberus founder to head intelligence review

Trump taps Cerberus founder to head intelligence review

US President Donald Trump has said he might take the services of a NY billionaire to review American intelligence agencies and the leaks flowing out of them which have fuelled a string of damaging news reports on his administration. Mr. Feinberg is the co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm.

President Donald Trump said Thursday that his administration will likely not be calling on NY billionaire Stephen Feinberg to conduct a review on the intelligence community, countering multiple reports that he had been asked to help by the White House.

Trump was slow to accept the conclusion by US intelligence agencies that Russian Federation had meddled in last year's election, and he lashed out Wednesday at the intelligence community for "illegally" leaking information that preceded the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security adviser.

Some information presented to Trump reportedly omitted sources and methods used by intelligence agencies during their operations. Earlier Wednesday, Trump tweeted the reports were "non-sense" meant to "cover up" Hillary Clinton's "many mistakes".

He said the information about his conversation with heads of States of Mexico and Australia was leaked which prompted him to demand the resignation of his national security advisor Michael Flynn.

The House and Senate intelligence committees, as well as the Senate Armed Services Committee, are also already examining Russian interference in the election - and more probes could follow, as questions persist about ties between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign. "They will be caught!"

More than that, the article quotes a statement by a spokesman for the Office of Director of National Intelligence, reading: "Any suggestion that the US intelligence community is withholding information and not providing the best possible intelligence to the president and his national security team is not true".

Trump's repeated criticism of the media and leakers within the intelligence community prompted allegations that intelligence officials had actually begun keeping sensitive information from the President out of concern that it could be compromised.

He tweeted the same day that the real scandal was that "classified information is illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy".

On Wednesday, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler provided some insight into the reaction of national security officials.

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