Published: Thu, March 02, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Live video shows April the Giraffe in labor at 'Animal Adventure Park'

Live video shows April the Giraffe in labor at 'Animal Adventure Park'

There's been no major improvements overnight, they say.

Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY has been providing updates to April's condition through Facebook Live, and have even set up a live stream to let the world bear witness to the birth.

And if you still can't wait to see a baby giraffe, Dobby, a male giraffe, was born (with much less fanfare) Tuesday at the Denver Zoo.

The zookeepers have been holding live chats every night to discuss the giraffe and her baby. The park said she'll enjoy some early time outside Wednesday before temperatures become cooler and storms move in. They said it's perfectly normal for a very pregnant giraffe to struggle to move around in certain positions.

Zoo keepers said that the giraffe named April is 15, and giraffe pregnancies typically last around 15 months.

While the world waits for April to give birth, a baby giraffe is born in Colorado

While April have grasped the attention of thousands, questions and comments surrounding her lifestyle where plentiful.

As of Tuesday evening, April had not - contrary to a flurry of rumors - gone into labor.

The day-to-day watching and waiting for the birth of April's calf has consumed the lives of many. When it's born, he or she will weigh around 150 pounds and will be about 6′ tall!

He also is asking fans to have patience, as he simply doesn't know when exactly April will give birth.

A naming contest for the little one will be held post-birth.

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