Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

A bellicose budget in Trump's own image

A bellicose budget in Trump's own image

In other words, if Trump's budget finally pushes poor American's over the brink, they'll have to pay for that too.

NY education officials are blasting President Donald Trump's massive proposed cuts to the U.S. Department of Education budget, which would eliminate funding for teacher preparation and after-school programs.

U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy said Trump's budget turns "a cold shoulder" toward those in need, and makes cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Department, the Peace Corps, legal service and other programs that families and communities rely on.

"I think the president was fairly straightforward on that: We're not spending money on that anymore", Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said at a White House briefing on Thursday.

"Looking toward the future that means we're going to have to find ways to find more food and step up and just basically absorb some of the things they could be losing", said Bruce.

While the White House wants Congress to cut Justice Department spending by 4 percent, it wants more money to target criminal organizations and hire immigration judges, at the expense of civil rights programs.

The reasoning behind President Trump's "America First" budget proposal, unveiled earlier Thursday, continues to astound and infuriate onlookers.

There's another complication: Thanks to the landmark 2007 Supreme Court decision, MA vs. EPA, the EPAis obligated by law to come up with a way to regulate greenhouse gasses from vehicles, power plants, and other sources. Furthermore, the Department of Energy will also receive nearly a 20 percent cut, meaning a reduction of $900 million to its budget allocation, from the total of $5 billion. NIH funds medical research, including about 300,000 scientists at universities.

Trump's proposal to allocate an extra $52 billion to the existing $587 billion defense budget is the highest single-year increase the department has seen.

These cuts, which have been rumored for awhile, seem to fly in the face of Defense Secretary James Mattis' views. In FY 2018, an extra $54 billion in defense spending would be offset by an equal amount of nondefense cuts, but that still does nothing to reduce a crushing $20 trillion national debt or reduce the overall size of government. Much work needs to be done in order to address major issues like the national debt and needed reforms to entitlements, taxes and health care policy.

18 percent proposed reduction the department of Health and Human services, which is about $15.1 billion. "Keep in mind, the President is in a unique position".

It's important to understand what this "skinny budget" is not: an actual accounting of how the government will spend taxpayers' money.

7 percent increase in Homeland Security, which is about $2.8 billion. It is perhaps no surprise that Trump wants to end EPA programs and regulations aimed at halting global warming, since he has ventured the opinion that climate change is a Chinese hoax; NASA programs to study warming would be cut as well.

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