Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

'Beauty and the Beast' remake charms its way into audience's hearts

'Beauty and the Beast' remake charms its way into audience's hearts

Dan Stevens as The Beast, left, and Emma Watson as Belle in a live-action adaptation of the animated classic "Beauty and the Beast". We are all too familiar with Belle's iconic song, "Little Town", but now the Beast is belting out one of his own.

"Beauty and the Beast" will not make you forget the original animated film, quite the contrary, it will make you appreciate it much, much more. All four of them, along with the wonderful music and the sweet relationship between the Beast and the Beauty overshadow any and all imperfections this movie has.

Gifted opera singer Audra McDonald is Madame Garderobe; Josh Gad plays Gaston's sidekick LeFou, and Kevin Kline is Belle's father.

I'm pretty sure if Disney, Netflix, Google, Facebook, and Apple combined to form one giant company the entire universe would be taken care of. "Beauty and the Beast" (1991) had three direct-to-video instalments.

"Can I just say, I'm sort of sick of this". Well, after more than 25 years, your burning questions will be answered. What we know, but Belle doesn't, is that the Beast was once a cruel prince, doomed to perish in his beastly form unless he can get someone to love him. The next day, we see Belle in a green dress where the Beast gives her the library. When the spell is cast, her big personality gets squeezed into a lumbering wardrobe, not the easiest thing to play.

Disney's decision to include a gay character in its "Beauty and the Beast" remake isn't sitting well with Christian audiences - to say the least. Today, Disney's newest live-action remake is set to take to the silver screen, and the anticipation is high, especially among fans of the original.

Belle falls for the Beast over what appears to be a few months - the seasons change and she's there through part of winter. Having said that, this flick is about 80 percent the same as the animated movie, so even if you don't love all the differences from the original B&B, you can still enjoy everything they kept the same.

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