Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

'Beauty And The Beast' To Get Sequel?

'Beauty And The Beast' To Get Sequel?

It won't blow you away with originality, but Beauty and the Beast is a charming film which proves that Disney's live-action adaptations are worth sticking around for. She also can tell us all about the similarities between Belle and her beloved Hermione, the state of feminism today, and what advice she would give her own daughter (ya know, if she had one). Belle goes there to save him and before long is held captive by the Beast. In fact, the visual effects in general were arguably the most impressive feat of the film.

Maurice, her father played by Kevin Kline, gets lost in the woods and winds up a prisoner in the Beast's castle. "I design a structure and other people live in it". And she doesn't want to have anything to do with the arrogant, handsome Gaston (played wonderfully by Luke Evans). Belle is nearly relieved to be locked up with a monster, since she previously spent her days escaping the randy attentions of Gaston, a Bachelor wannabe whose sidekick LeFou, is, yes, gay. Those dopey moments made me think that the story deserved better and that they were maybe added just for the kiddos, but honestly, I think the kiddos deserve better too.

"His music, I find, is very easy to sing because he's done all the work for you". That Tim Burton directed movie now stands as March's third highest opening of all-time and it wouldn't be a surprise if Beauty and the Beast beat it.

"He's one of those composers who can grab your heart with a melody, so much so that you don't even realize it because he's so simple about it". Yes, there are two new songs and they fit seamlessly in a film that had a room full of cynical critics, including me, applauding at the end. It's not quite as breathtaking as the fully-CGI world of The Jungle Book, but it ain't half bad.

I've seen many reviews so far that state the film as not "magical", or "it was fine".

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