Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Samsung Beats iPhone 7 In Performance Test

Galaxy S8 Rumors: Samsung Beats iPhone 7 In Performance Test

Like we all know that the Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 later this month.

Samsung is expected to follow a similar trend to past year when it comes to processors for the upcoming flagship, with different chips powering different versions of the S8 in specific territories.

Definitely, the screen makes the smartphone more special than anything, but at this moment the company is being too tight lipped to leak any rumor about it.

These new screenshots seem to confirm the rumour that Samsung will drop the physical Home Button from the front of the device. These new handsets will also have curved designs and AMOLED displays.

Looking at how the Korean tech giant handled the release of their flagship smartphones in the past, it is safe to assume that the USA market will also see the same release date as Canada.

The publication had previously revealed the behind-the-scenes drama that went behind Samsung moving the fingerprint sensor to the back of the device next to the camera. The report also states that "iris and facial detection capabilities complement each other: phones can rely on iris detection when there's not enough ambient light to recognize facial features".

Bloomberg said that success for the S8 will be crucial to salvaging Samsung's reputation, especially with de facto chief Jay Y. Lee detained in a corruption scandal that's already led to the ouster of the nation's president. The device is also reported to be HDR-ready, which means that it is the very first tablet device that can support any video with a larger dynamic range.

For the records, Samsung isn't the only company working on a foldable phone's prototype. It would make sense then for Samsung to be able to match Sony feature for feature on a similar chip to be used in the Galaxy S8.

- A headphone jack: It's seems a little amusing to celebrate a phone retaining a feature as basic as a headphone jack. The phone has been taken through all types of processor and graphics-intensive tests - same tests that the likes of Apple iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 3T have also passed - and the results are impressive to say.

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