Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
U.S. | By Monique Johnson

Hillary Clinton: 'I Am Ready to Come Out of the Woods'

Hillary Clinton: 'I Am Ready to Come Out of the Woods'

But it appears that Clinton's got a little more pep in her step lately.

Clinton, who was spotted taking a walk in the woods around her hometown of Chappaqua, New York, two days after losing the election to Donald Trump, quipped she had wanted to stay in the woods, "but you can only do so much of that".

Other than us seeing Hillary Clinton walking in the woods with a Twitter user, at Donald Trump's inauguration, and getting made fun of for not wearing make up she's been rather reclusive.

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hinted at a future in the spotlight during a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Friday.

I'm ready to come out of the woods" Brazile: "Sending Clinton town hall topics "mistake I will forever regret" Fox's Shep Smith: "Fox can't confirm analyst's claim that United Kingdom helped Obama spy on Trump MORE spoke at the Society of Irish Women's 19th Annual St Patrick's Day dinner in Scranton, Pa., Friday and encouraged people not to let politics divide them.

As far too many Americans know, the current news cycle seems to be nonstop commentary on the failing system of our nation's politics, government, and the people that run them.

"I'm not sure it will come out of Washington yet, but I think it can come out of Scranton".

Watching the news may be hard for all of us, but strong women can accomplish huge things when they put their minds to it. Since then, she's kept mostly to herself, with the exception of a few public appearances and events. Having a good sense of humor and raw ability to speak honestly is a great start.

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