Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
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The Evil Within 2 Might Be In Development, Leaked Document Suggests

The Evil Within 2 Might Be In Development, Leaked Document Suggests

For starters, the game is reportedly coming to Xbox One and PS4, which is to be expected. Would you be excited for an Evil Within 2?

A Japanese job advert has been posted online, looking for a quality assurance tester/translator for Psychobreak 2.

Of course, with that said, there has been no word on a sequel from the development team Tango Gameworks or publisher Bethesda Softworks. Well it is either Evil Within 2 or Psycho Break, the title is yet pending for official clarification.

"The Evil Within" offered players a gruesome world filled with gory and psychological horror elements.

The first The Evil Within released in 2014, but was a split-platform release. According to recent news, Bethesda claims this new version will be one among the best survival horror sequel. After all, Resident Evil at the time had aslant from its roots by offering fans a more action-oriented gameplay.

However, now that Resident Evil 7 has released to positive reviews it will be interesting to see how The Evil Within 2 can expand out its own fan base.

Biohazard has since reclaimed the survival horror throne from its competition earlier this year, for a while there, Bethesda's The Evil Within was quite a horror experience.

Although nothin is certain, I strongly suspect that we will receive some sort of announcement about The Evil within 2 come E3 2017. Bethesda hosts their own E3 Showcase to reveal their games, and The Evil Within did feature prominently in their first show in 2015. Maybe the game is not a masterpiece, however, the development team - Tango Gameworks - might be working on a sequel (The Evil Within 2), as suggested by a document shared on NeoGAF.

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