Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
Medicine | By Megan Pierce

Walmart Frozen Pizza Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Walmart Frozen Pizza Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

The products were produced on February 23 and sold as 16-inch shrink-wrapped pizzas in 50.6 oz. corrugated boxes identified as "Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizza", with a lot code of 20547. Now, a Walmart supplier recalled its frozen pizza because of listeria suspicion.

Inc.'s frozen pizza product because of possible contamination. RBR issued its recall only for one of its 16-inch supreme pizzas.

The pizzas were sold in California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington state, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, and Hawaii, according to International Business Times.

Consumption of food contaminated with L. monocytogenes can cause listeriosis, a serious infection that primarily affects older adults, persons with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women and their newborns.

The Marketside Extra Large Supreme Pizza was affected by the recall. Listeriosis during pregnancy, though, could lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, life-threatening infection of the newborn, or stillbirth. There have been no confirmed reports of illness received to date. However, consumers who have the product in their freezer or who have purchased it are urged to discard of it or return it for a refund.

The company that produces this frozen pizza mentioned that they discovered the problem at a routine sampling. The condition can be particularly risky for babies, pregnant women, older people, and others with weakened immune systems.

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