Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Aaron Hernandez shot 2 men, then warned, 'Don't say nothing'

Aaron Hernandez shot 2 men, then warned, 'Don't say nothing'

Alexander Bradley testified in the double-murder trial of his former best friend Aaron Hernandez on Monday.

The former New England Patriots tight end is accused of killing the men after de Abreu accidentally bumped into Hernandez and spilled his drink at the club. It was there, at Caprice Restaurant and Lounge, that the two friends - after a night of marijuana blunts, shots and mixed drinks - thought they saw the same man who had "tried and tested" Hernandez at Cure Lounge.

In court Monday, he detailed the events that led up to the murders, ending with Hernandez firing into Abreu and Furtado's auto because, he said, Hernandez felt they had disrespected him earlier in a club.

He said they proceeded to drink and smoke marijuana before departing for Club Cure in Boston -- one of their favorite establishments.

Following the murder, Bradley said Hernandez was extremely paranoid of everything and everyone.

However, Bradley said Hernandez remained upset and would say things like people always think they can "play him" and continued to get more angry. In the months following the murder, Bradley claims Hernandez became increasingly suspicious of his surroundings, thinking that "helicopters were following him everywhere".

"He acted in a demeanor like a tough guy all the time, is the way I would explain it", Bradley told the court. The two friends spotted Abreu and Furtado in an SUV, and proceeded to drive up next to them. "He was fed up with the whole feeling-as-if-people-were-trying-him situation, so he wanted a firearm to protect himself", Bradley said earlier in his testimony.

After Bradley and Hernandez returned to their vehicle, Hernandez popped the hood and took out the gun, Bradley testified. From the passenger seat Hernandez leaned across Bradley, stuck his arm with the gun out the window and yelled "Yo!" to the BMW, according to Bradley. They left for another bar, where Bradley said Hernandez was irritated because they believed they were followed. The concoction of paranoia and anger was a frequent pattern with Hernandez, according to Bradley. At a bar, Hernandez pointed to some men who he said looked like police officers, Bradley testified.

Instead, he said, Hernandez told him to roll down the window, shouted at the men, and fired five shots.

"'See? See?'" Bradley remembers Hernandez asking him.

Months later, in February 2013, Bradley said Hernandez bought him a one-way ticket to Florida to attend a Super Bowl party.

"If they are, it's because of the stupid sh*t you did up in Boston", Bradley said he told Hernandez.

Bradley detailed to the court how he lost his eye and part of his finger in the shooting, as he had put his hand in front of his face in a defensive motion.

Bradley admitted to initially riding in the passenger seat at some point in the night, but he swore that he was driving at the time of the shooting.

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