Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
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Changes to Affordable Care Act may effect entrepreneurs

Changes to Affordable Care Act may effect entrepreneurs

Some of the more conservative members say Obamacare should be repealed immediately and in its entirety and that the GOP bill doesn't do that, while other Republican members have expressed concerns about how the legislation deals with Medicaid. Still, the ACA dramatically improved health care coverage for African-Americans.

According to a new CBS News poll, only 12-percent of Americans support the so-called "Trumpcare" while more than 40-percent say they oppose it.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said on Fox News Sunday he "feels very good" about the American Health Care Act's progress in the House on Thursday.

Ryan-care (or Trump-care, as some are calling it) results in a likely loss of health coverage for millions of Americans who - unlike the majority of us - buy it individually on the private market.

America is an exceptional country, and this pan is simply not worthy of America. Over 17 million low-income seniors, children and adults with disabilities rely on Medicaid for critical health care and long-term services and supports.

Additionally, the legislation would allow insurance companies to overcharge older Americans while giving $200 billion in tax breaks to big drug and insurance companies.

The congressional budget analysis found premiums costs would be lower under the GOP plan in a decade than if Obamacare continued without changes.

Though facts mean little to President Donald Trump, opponents of the GOP plan should stick to them and put them in context.

Another change for the bill indicates boosted tax credits for older Americans. "It was the Affordable Coverage Act", Mulvaney told CBS News on Sunday night. Republicans hope that by restraining the government's financial help to patients, insurance companies will offer cheaper policies that better match the cost of the tax credits.

"The current law allows older people to be charged three times that of a younger person", he said. In addition, the state would receive significant funds-how much isn't known-to aid people with pre-existing conditions and other costly medical issues.

They want individuals and small businesses to be able to join together in larger groups or insurance pools to pay lower premiums.

President Barack Obama told a whopper when he was pitching his health care reform bill.

How many hundreds of times has that number been quoted in the last few days?

Which brings us to this question, which represents several we received about how the ACHA appears to disproportionately impact people ages 55-64. And they want people to be able to buy their health insurance across state lines (like vehicle insurance and a million other things) instead of being forced to buy from their state's monopoly provider.

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