Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
U.S. | By Monique Johnson

Democrats preview line of attack on 'pro-corporate' high court nominee

Democrats preview line of attack on 'pro-corporate' high court nominee

Family friends and former law clerks of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch are in Montana lobbying Senator Jon Tester, asking for his vote in upcoming confirmation hearings. The Senate Judiciary Committee is to take up his nomination on Monday.

For Mr. Gutierrez-Brizuela's lawyer, Mr. Cook, it's a tough call to predict how Judge Gorsuch's views on executive power will guide him if he's called on as a Supreme Court justice to review Mr. Trump's immigration restrictions. "This is a Gary Cooper character", Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight. In the unlikely event that Democrats could block Gorsuch with a filibuster, the Republican leadership would certainly exercise the so-called "nuclear option" and simply unblock the nomination by getting rid of the filibuster rule for Supreme Court nominations.

My expectation is that Democrat leadership in the Senate will insist on a cloture vote for Judge Gorsuch's nomination, but that the motion will receive 60 votes, and that he will then be confirmed with a range of 55 to 60 votes.
Pro-LGBT legal activists have won several major victories at the nation's highest court in recent years, seeing the ban on marriage for same-sex couples (Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015) and the Defense of Marriage Act, which prevented equal federal benefits for same-sex married couples (U.S. v. Windsor, 2013), struck down by SCOTUS.

Minority obstruction may be curtailed by strictly enforcing Rule XIX (the two-speech rule) on the Senate floor.

Brettschneider's piece extrapolates from Gorsuch's writing on physician-assisted suicide to determine how Gorsuch would likely lean in the case of marriage equality.

Playing on this theme, Schumer trotted out a bunch of sad cases that supposedly illustrated the heartlessness at the core of Gorsuch's ideology.

"The Democratic base wants there to be as much resistance to Trump's agenda as possible", Hasen said.

And the hostility which Trump and his administration have shown towards immigrants and rational immigration policy demands a commitment to judicial independence that Gorsuch has shown no signs of bringing to the job.

Also worth considering: Gorsuch's view on the role of a fiercely independent federal judiciary, particularly given Trump's knee-jerk response questioning judges when court rulings don't go his way. He wrote separately, however, to say that making a political contribution was a "fundamental" right deserving the highest level of constitutional protection, known as "strict scrutiny review". According to KDVR, Bennet also said he had spent the most time talking with Gorsuch about Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that made it legal for corporations to spend unlimited funds to elect or defeat candidates.

The president announced Neil Gorsuch as his pick to replace the late Antonin Scalia in January.

Although it's impossible to say if Gorsuch's confirmation will turn out to be a bitter partisan battle or a surprise snooze-fest (things are already leaning toward the former), Republicans may have good reason for feeling optimistic about the process. The trend toward politicizing the court is eroding its credibility for objectively upholding the law, the senator charged.

"Research about the nomination process has been dominated by right-wing groups that stood up a response within hours [of Scalia's death] and had a seven-figure paid media campaign active within days", the proposal said. The group stockpiled $10 million in money in advance of a looming Supreme Court fight.

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