Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Donald Trump's wiretapping allegations 'nonsensical,' ex-UK ambassador says

Donald Trump's wiretapping allegations 'nonsensical,' ex-UK ambassador says

Spicer later cited an unsubstantiated report by a Fox News analyst that alleged Britain's GCHQ - the United Kingdom equivalent of the National Security Agency - had colluded to obtain intelligence on Trump for the Obama administration.

Claims by Downing Street that Trump's national security adviser, Herbert "HR" McMaster, had apologised for the row were publicly denied... Spencer implied that the British agency "helped" Obama spy on Trump. During a later segment, he said his sources told him President Obama asked Britain to spy.

As Stelter noted at the beginning of the segment, it appears that one can trace back Napolitano's comments in numerous Fox segments to Johnson, who has been cited as one of the judge's sources. He worked as a television analyst for several years before starting his own blog on terrorism and intelligence.

Deputy-director of MI5, Jeremy Fleming, is said to be taking over Robert Hannigan as the head of the British intelligence agency, who reportedly quit due to the pressure the job placed on his family. He appeared on the network earlier this month after Trump tweeted his wiretapping claim. And his information differed from what Napolitano said on Fox News, he said. "This was not done at the direction of Barack Obama. Let's be clear about that", Johnson said Sunday. "I posted that on the discussion board, and one of the individuals there shared that with the judge".

Napolitano's report has caused worldwide controversy.

In Fleming's in-tray will be to fix ties strained by claims made by the presidential press secretary, Sean Spicer, that GCHQ had helped the previous president spy on Donald Trump.

The network's news division says it does not have any proof of Napolitano's claims.

In a conversation on Saturday with anchor Fredericka Whitfield, CNN media critic Brian Stelter called out Donald Trump's fact-free "Fox News presidency", in which the president is basing policy moves on unsubstantiated rumors and commentary he hears on the network and accepts as fact.

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