Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Economy | By Annette Adams

Freedom Caucus Not Pleased With Trumpcare: Three Republicans Voted Against AHCA

Freedom Caucus Not Pleased With Trumpcare: Three Republicans Voted Against AHCA

Thirty-one states expanded Medicaid to low-income adults under Obamacare, including 16 states run by Republican governors.

It also does a whole lot else, covering low-income children, pregnant women, the disabled, and people in nursing homes.

"With the (Congressional Budget Office) scoring predicting lower premiums and billions of dollars in taxpayer savings, I'm pleased to see the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare move forward". As the CBO notes, as of next year under Ryan's plan 14 million will have to do just that. That's 17 percent fewer than if the ACA remained in effect. The American Health Care Act does little to stop the death spiral underway.

But Trump's goal does not seem to be "repeal and replace".

"It's not going to happen if you need 60 votes in the Senate", said Sen. A dynamic analysis accounting for this would be expected to increase enrollment figures as individuals gain coverage through employment, or find it more affordable to purchase insurance in the marketplace. On the other hand, it would cut the federal deficit by $337 billion over 10 years, largely by slashing Medicaid spending by $880 billion and shrinking the number of beneficiaries covered.

President Trump said Friday he and GOP lawmakers made made "certain changes" to the bill. Christopher Ruddy, a conservative and a longtime friend of President Trump, suggested in Newsmax this week that an "upgraded Medicaid" should become the nation's "blanket insurer for the uninsured". Because the bill amounts to a $600 billion tax break for the rich while ripping insurance from an estimated 24 million Americans, majority poor. And they often make general versions of these arguments. And the AHCA is a clear assertion by Republicans that affordable health care is not a priority.

Economist Gail Wilensky sees a middle way between supporters and detractors of the bill's treatment of Medicaid.

It's hard to say whether this will end up forcing GOP senators to turn on the plan in large enough numbers to kill it.

"We believe that we do need to add some additional assistance with people in those older cohorts", Ryan said on Fox News Sunday.

The whole point of having a non-partisan entity, the CBO, score bills is to cut beneath the rhetoric and spin, to make sure voters know exactly who's going to win and who's going to lose if this bill is made law.

Thirty-one states plus the District of Columbia have chosen to take advantage of the federal government's nearly total payment for the expansion, including 16 states run by Republican governors. Wilensky calls it the "unsung hero" of Obamacare. Opposition among Democrats and within the Republican Party may elicit change before it gets put to vote. Second, Medicaid funds would be parsed out to states on a per-capita basis.

Cassidy said the capped payment for Medicaid makes the state do "a better job of watching the pennies" and helps "protect the federal taxpayer".

Democrats and health economists have said the bill would reduce access to opioid treatment through the Medicaid program, through which Gov. Tom Wolf's administration says almost 125,000 Pennsylvanians have accessed addiction treatment services. It rejected attempts by states to add a work mandate.

But experts such as Dr. Derksen strenuously disagree. This is a conservative bill that represents a huge improvement over the failed Obamacare experiment and implements Medicaid reforms that conservatives have been fighting to achieve for decades. This means someone making $50,000 a year between the ages of 30 and 49 would have to spend between 8.8% and 9.9% of their annual income just to stay insured. Granting such waiver requests from the states would be a major departure from how the Obama administration oversaw Medicaid.

While jobless physicians outside of the USA wait to see what our government will decide to do about H-1B visas, facilities in places like Alabama, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Ohio, Kansas, North Dakota, and Montana, will remain in desperate need of doctors.

The most objective observers acknowledge there were flaws in the roll-out, fewer have signed up than anticipated, in some states the choice of physicians has been narrowed, and-most importantly-an insufficient number of otherwise healthy individuals (mostly younger) have chosen not to sign up which can starve the program of the revenues it requires in order to fully flourish.

For now, Republicans are trying to sort this out among themselves. But Medicaid is not as high-profile as Medicare and Social Security.

Republicans have been hostile to Medicaid since its inception back in the 1960s. Speaking on Sunday with NBC's "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd, Governor Kasich urged both parties to work together. In reply, Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, just as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me".

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