Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
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Is Sunil Grover quitting Kapil Sharma Show again?

Is Sunil Grover quitting Kapil Sharma Show again?

The 35-year-old host of The Kapil Sharma Show said that the rumours of a tiff with Sunil while the duo was on a flight, was untrue.

Earlier this week on a flight from Australia to India, passengers were horrified to hear and see an inebriated Kapil Sharma loudly abusing and assaulting his Comedy Night colleague Sunil Grover.

However Kapil has clarified that the fight was a casual argument which usually happens between close friends, and it was a hype created in the web world. If this is the case now, we can not imagine what will the "Firangi" actor face if Sunil leaves the show! While Sunil refused to react on the news, Kapil told us that they fight on very plane and they fight everywhere. "It's our family matter and we will sort this out. zyada maze mat liya karo", a part of his note on Facebook said. In fact reports also say that the comedian humiliated Sunil by talking about the show he had launched in 2014 after briefly parting ways with Kapil. He took to Facebook and wrote a long post mentioning that he and Sunil would sort the issue. "He is like my elder brother.(sic)" He further questioned the media, if his tiff with Sunil is as important as the national security and reasoned that after all they are normal people too.

The latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show saw Vidya Balan making an appearance to promote her upcoming film, Begum Jaan. Everyone knows that Sunil is a great artist, and YOU should respect him! I spoke to him and we are meeting once he is back. I respect our media.

He added that there are other serious issues in the country that need focus than his and Sunil's problems. The actors also unfollowed each other on twitter, after the incident. But he is not returning to the show. According to reports, Kapil, who was drunk, was swearing at Chandan Prabhakar when Sunil interrupted and asked him to stop. They wanted to handcuff Kapil in order to restrain him.

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