Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

John Oliver Tears Into Donald Trump's Devastating Budget Proposal

John Oliver Tears Into Donald Trump's Devastating Budget Proposal

So on this week's episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver closely analyzed both the budget's proposals and the press statements about it by White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney ("whose name, when spoken in my accent, sounds like what you'd call a random Irish person if you were trying to get him to fight you").

Oliver talked about "Wings for Kids", an after-school program Trump plans to cut that cares while single mothers are at work. "Thanks for helping us out, Agriculture Department", he cracked. "Hope you find a gig with the next country that rises from our ashes". "Randomly singling out a few of them", Oliver said, "and then reducing them down to numbers". According to The Daily Beast, Oliver's biggest gripes had to do with President Trump's accusation that the British government wiretapped him.

He finished by explaining that "some of the cuts in Trump's budget heavily impact groups that voted for him".

"Translating the noises that come out of Trump's face into hard policy prescriptions is nearly impossible", Oliver marveled.

"Oh, I think people are catching on", Oliver said. After all that, Oliver mocked the president by pointing to CNN's Fareed Zakaria, who said Trump's "bulls--ting". Oliver's attempts to make sense of the "toddler psychopath" failed tremendously, but he had a bigger point to make: the cuts will devastate the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which only make up a small fraction of the federal budget. "Trump is so consistently monstrous sometimes out of sheer coincidence he happens to do something fantastic". You can create excitement. "It's taking longer than is perhaps ideal, but soon all of us will be fed up...right up to the tippy f****** top!"

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