Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Electronics | By Jesus Weaver

New Xbox One Update Coming To Insiders Later This Month

New Xbox One Update Coming To Insiders Later This Month

Project Scorpio is possibly just a few more months away, but despite the premium console's arrival, the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S variants aren't falling short of love and attention. There's even improvements coming Xbox Live clubs and more. With the deals over the a year ago or so, there are many that have picked up an Xbox One, but if you have not and have been thinking about getting one, Best Buy has a really good deal for you this week. The service will also automatically report the results, which is an improvement over the player-reported results on some other third-party tournament sites.

Custom gamerpics are finally here! All you have to do is add the game you want to your cart and then go and find the console bundle you want and check out. Some of the features are new, while others expand on what's already available based on feedback.

New "Join broadcast" button in your profile, one of the many ways to access the game stream of someone broadcasting their gameplay.

Granted, what games you choose are completely up to you, but it's nice to see some newer titles up for grabs, instead of older, cheaper titles being offered as part of the deal. This will enable you to instantly jump to a livestream of one of your friends. Hero stats are contextual to the game you're playing, showing you relevant stats like kill/death ratio, rank, or score.

Feel free to check out the Microsoft Store page and see what works best for you. Microsoft will soon let Club owners change their club's logo and background, help Club owners and admins "stand out and manage their community" by labeling them in text posts, and pin posts to the top of their feed.

As always, availability remains a raw spot for Xbox enthusiasts as Microsoft keeps selectively providing new features first to a select small group.

Another new thing I'm excited about is the ability to filter games by platform (Xbox One / Xbox 360) on the My Apps and Games screen, which will make it easier to put some separation between the latest current-gen releases and your favorite titles of years past.

Captive Portal support for wireless internet is coming to Xbox One, which allows for Wi-Fi authentication through a browser. If you have Kinect, and you're streaming through Beam or Twitch, the camera will automatically zoom to your face.

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