Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Paige's Negatives Are Greatly Outweighing Her Positives In WWE

Paige's Negatives Are Greatly Outweighing Her Positives In WWE

Soon after the compromising photos and videos were made public, Paige on Twitter revealed that they were stolen. She adds that Paige is at no fault for what happened.

It turns out the private content has really gone around as the 24-year-old quickly started to trend on Twitter! Ugh. And still, in others, she's seen engaging in oral sex with unspecified men.

Tensions only thickened when WWE's doctors clashed with Paige's doctors, leading to reports that the promotion didn't feel she needed neck surgery and possibly wouldn't pay for it. Paige's family has joined her in what is quietly developing into a cold war between the Knights and WWE.

But according to the latest WWE news from Forbes, many WWE fans are so disgusted with Paige that they want her fired.

One can only hope that the Paige and Woods won't be punished by WWE given that the images leaked only due to a hack.

So, how should the WWE handle it? While it's unknown at this time whether or not the Paige hack was related to the celebrity hack, Emma Watson has publicly noted she will be taking legal action.

Former WWE Divas champion Paige has been the subject of negative headlines for a while now, and her latest scandal of leaked photos are likely to put her at odds with WWE yet again.

Among a string of intimate pictures and videos that have been released on social media, there is an explicit imagery which shows Paige performing a sexual act performed over the NXT Champion belt and two-time Divas Champion.

If you, wrestling fan, have been living under a rock this weekend, let me fill you in on the big story rocking the WWE world.

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