Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Scottish Government frozen out by Downing St over triggering of Article 50

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party accepted the Prime Minister had a mandate to start the process of leaving the EU.

According to the Guardian, Barrow had a conversation with European Council President Donald Tusk confirming that Theresa May will notify him [Trusk] in writing and that she will address the parliament as well.

The European Council's president said on Twitter he will present draft Brexit guidelines to the other 27 EU member states within 48 hours.

It is expected that the 27 other European Union member nations will agree to the start date, with an initial response from them with 48 hours, the BBC reported.

She will visit Wales with Brexit Secretary David Davis and Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns, and will meet First Minister Carwyn Jones as well as business leaders.

But formal talks between London and Brussels are not expected to start for six to eight weeks, according to European Union sources, and possibly later while waiting for the result of German elections in September.

After months of waiting, it feels like we are in the slightly unusual period just before the business end of Brexit gets underway.

"For nine months since the European Union referendum, there has been no attempt by the United Kingdom government to seek a meaningful discussion or agreement with the devolved administrations".

Triggering Article 50 initiates a two-year process of exit talks, although this time period can be extended if all parties agree to it.

Mrs May will address MPs in a statement to the House of Commons following her regular weekly session of Prime Minister's Questions on March 29.

The United Kingdom held a referendum last June in which Britons voted by a 52-48 percent margin to leave the European Union, the first member state ever to do so.

Downing Street failed to tell Scottish ministers it would trigger Article 50 before making a public announcement, despite previous suggestions.

But the UK Government also knows that Wales voted to leave, and that means that while there will be disagreements on the nature of the Brexit deal under discussion, it can at least claim to be trying to deliver what most people in Wales voted for.

He said that there must be a very clear sequencing.

2018 - May wants to negotiate a comprehensive free trade deal.

Both sides would like the early resolution of the status of more than three million Europeans living in Britain, and more than one million Britons living elsewhere in the EU.

The Brexit vote in June has prompted nationalists in Scotland and Northern Ireland to call for a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.

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