Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
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Sen. Mike Lee: Gorsuch Will Be Supported

Sen. Mike Lee: Gorsuch Will Be Supported

"And that's a question that [he] needs to confront better than he has".

"My expectation is that Democrat leadership in the Senate will insist on a cloture vote for Judge Gorsuch's nomination, but that the motion will receive 60 votes, and that he will then be confirmed with a range of 55 to 60 votes", François said in an email to The Daily Signal.

Gorsuch has quietly made the rounds of Senate offices and mostly avoided controversy. "Based on his extensive record, there can be no doubt that, had he been on the Court, Judge Gorsuch would have rejected each of these basic rights".

Republicans hold an effective 52-48 majority in the Senate, and so at least eight Democrats would have to support the nomination to break a 60-vote filibuster threshold if lawmakers like Mr. Blumenthal do indeed decide to go down that path. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., vowed that the Senate will vote on Gorsuch's nomination before leaving for its April 8 Easter recess.

"The procedural path through confirmation may be a bit murky at the moment", he added, "but I think we are nonetheless talking about the next Supreme Court justice to be seated". Gorsuch then spent more than a decade in private practice, where he represented both plaintiffs and defendants in complex civil litigation.

But how does Gorsuch handle the fact that Trump has lambasted specific federal judges when they ruled against him?

Next week's hearing will not only focus on Gorsuch's legal credentials; it will also emphasize his impeccable character and his principled approach to judging. Judge Gorsuch has several significant opinions regarding Native American tribal sovereignty.

Sisk says one of the reasons she spoke up was because of hearing stories of discrimination from her mother, who she says attended law school in the 1970s. Judge Gorsuch specifically targeted females and maternity leave.

If the senators stick to their planned schedule, Gorsuch will deliver an opening statement, and the hearing will adjourn for the day. In particular, we can expect to hear over and over again the false and frankly ridiculous claim that Gorsuch is outside the "judicial mainstream".

His strongest backers like just about all they see - "this is what I voted for", they say - though they're notably not yet sold on the health-care bill. And on the bench he supported giving judges more power to strike down federal rules that protect consumers and protect the environment. Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer has waffled and now gone quiet about the issue.

It's not the only time hypocrisy found its way into recent Supreme Court debate, critics believe.

Throughout his distinguished career, Judge Gorsuch has developed a reputation for impartially rendering legal decisions that support the basic tenets of the Constitution. Senators from the president's party toss softballs that let the nominee display his or her erudition, while opposing senators ask "gotcha" questions that anybody skilled enough to be nominated can evade easily. But any honest observer will concede that these accusations are complete bunk.

Ultimately, Gorsuch's opponents will fail because he is so clearly a man of integrity and so clearly qualified to serve on our nation's highest court. But Senate Democrats have appeared divided on their strategy, with any delay tactics potentially risking a change to the Senate rules by Republicans that would decrease the influence that the minority party has on future Supreme Court nominations.

Gorsuch presented the discussion "as the way he personally felt about those subjects", the anonymous student said in the affidavit, which was drafted by a member of NELA's Judicial Nominations Committee.

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