Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

German child murderer confessed to second killing

German child murderer confessed to second killing

A German teen suspected of murdering a 9-year-old kid and a 22-year-old man told authorities that he killed the victims out of frustration.

Marcel Hesse was arrested last night for luring a young neighbour called Jaden into a cellar in Herne, Germany on Monday and stabbing him 56 times. With one hand bound in a makeshift bandage, the other carrying an umbrella and a net of onions, the black-clad man ordered owner Georgios Chaitidis to call the police.

During his interview with police, Hesse claimed that he had attempted to kill himself recently after his application to join the German army was rejected and a recent move to a new home resulted in him being unable to access the internet, Mr Lipphaus said.

When he was picked up, Hesse told police of a fire in a nearby apartment.

The boy's family told German media that the teenager had asked him to help with a ladder.

A fire crew discovered a second, male, body in the apartment.

Forensic experts are examining an apartment in western Germany where the body of a man was found, believed to be the second victim of a 19-year-old suspected of killing a boy.

A massive police hunt across Europe ended with his arrest in the town on Thursday evening. The stepfather of the boy went in search of the boy and found his body in the cellar. "The picture of my stepson lying there dead...."

Cops say the boy - named only Jaden - was murdered online by Marcel Hesse, 19, a martial arts fanatic. "I found him lying in a giant pool of his own blood".

Jaden lived next door to Hesse and was lured... I will never forget this.

Authorities said Hesse had posted a photo and video of the slain child online to boast about the killing.

By the time another user saw the post and contacted the police, Jayden's mother Jeanette had returned home.

He mentioned "torture" to get the woman's bank details and pin card number. The alleged killer reportedly told officers that he had taken photos of the crime, but could not explain how they had ended up online. They said he appeared on an Internet chat room in the hours following the killing to say he had attacked a woman., adding; 'She offered more resistance than the child'.

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