Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
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Nintendo Switch Sales Could Surpass The Wii According To Gamestop

Nintendo Switch Sales Could Surpass The Wii According To Gamestop

GameStop is also now advertising two Nintendo Switch bundles, however, customers could potentially be waiting until Sunday, April 16 for their packages (they are now listed as out of stock). Maybe the newer Nintendo Switch batches will be resolving the Joy-Con's connectivity issues and the shipment of the bent Nintendo Switch docks. As Engadget notes, Nintendo could still end up selling a relatively modest number of Switches even after the console's early success.

When Nintendo was developing the Switch, it went to various developers to get feedback, Capcom brought up the RAM, telling Nintendo it wasn't sufficient for the RE Engine to work on the system. If Nintendo does sell these additional units, the Switch will eclipse previous system the Wii U, which moved 13.56 million boxes. As Nintendo steadily expands the games lineup, it is also beefing up stock availability to as much as 16 million units for just 2017, which will keep the steep premium back to MSRP once supply is high.

GameStop, the country's largest video game retailer, has had trouble keeping up with demand, said Eric Bright, the company's senior director of merchandising, in a statement. Wiggling our foot or placing our hand in our lap was still enough to cause problems with the controller- and that was after we followed Nintendo's advice to move the Switch away from other wireless devices and put the console in front of our TV instead of behind it. Now, GameStop has shed some light on how the hybrid system is performing at its stores-and it's strong.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch is still currently out of stock in most retail stores according to Now in Stock. The Switch's flexibility is a huge selling point for consumers, but it seems like it might be a big hurdle for developers.

Despite this slight setback, however, Nintendo is reportedly doubling their efforts to produce more Switch units. But the fact that GameStop issued a press release about a restock - normally a mundane event - certainly says something. The more expensive $599.99 Switch bundle is available online at

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