Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Rick Ross Takes A Jab At Nicki Minaj On His New Album

Rick Ross Takes A Jab At Nicki Minaj On His New Album

First up, on the track Apple of My Eye, Ross says he warned the No Fraud rapper's ex Meek Mill about getting involved with Miz Minaj.

Rick Ross was heavily criticised for that diss as many said it was a poor attempt at using her name to draw attention to his album.

Whether this is a Meek loyalty situation, a publicity stunt or genuine shade, we don't know, but while Nicki is wearing nipple pasties and hair cloaks, people seem to be out there slowly chipping away at her throne. "The streets need you", he wrote on Instagram.

"I told Meek I wouldn't trust Nicki / Instead of beefing with your dog you just give him some distance", Ross exclaims on the lush track. "This my last time speaking on y'all miserable ass clowns lol by the way Karen I got the tapes of ya corny ass saying nicki paying y'all for this geek s**t". "I've got a record titled Idols Become Rivals and it's basically me writing a letter to someone in the game that I looked up to (expletive) near the most and I hate what things have come to", Ross told the magazine. Lil Wayne has also been in a public feud with Birdman for years, and Ross raps about that as well. "That's my son and I love him, and we'll make it happen".

Minaj and Meek dated for two years before splitting in early January. Now it appears conspiracy theories can be added to that list, courtesy of a since-deleted Instagram comment by Meek himself.

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