Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Twin toddlers' all-night slumber party caught on nanny cam

Twin toddlers' all-night slumber party caught on nanny cam

A couple in NY learned through a nanny cam what their two year old twin sons were up to.

The parents of twin boys in NY found out why their toddlers seemed like they hadn't been sleeping well through the night - because they definitely were not sleeping.

The little boys, Andrew and Ryan, climb out of their cribs and proceed to have a right royal time running around the room, creating a stack of pillows to play on and taking short breaks on the couch to catch their breath.

The mischievous toddlers then grab several pillows and start piling them together on the floor.

Twin boys are caught sneaking out their cribs to dance around their room.

. Nearly from the moment dad leaves the room they scamper out of their cribs and are once again fast at it.

Not even multiple interventions from Mom and Dad could put an end to their party.

Eventually, both parents came back in to check on the boys and put them back in their cribs. The video which is sped up, shows an entire night of activity between the two-year old twins.

Andrew and Ryan wait until the coast is clear, and then climbed back out and sat on their couch to continue chatting. Unfortunately for them, their sons had other ideas - and sleep was certainly not one of them.

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