Published: Fri, March 24, 2017
Medicine | By Megan Pierce

A scientist has come up with a drip-free wine bottle

A scientist has come up with a drip-free wine bottle

Wine bottles everywhere could be getting a whole lot cleaner, thanks to this new and improved drip-free bottle.

You twist the bottle, or try to yank it up quickly after pouring a glass - we all struggle to drop wine bottles from dribbling down the side of the neck.

There are already products on the market created to prevent wine spillage, but they require inserting a device into the bottle neck.

"I wanted to change the wine bottle itself", he says.

When wine droplets trying to run back down the bottle encounter that groove, they would need to flow against the force of gravity to go up and across to the other side, or simply leap over it.

For something that has just one job, you have to admit that there is a fairly fundamental design flaw in wine bottles.

Perlman did it with a wine bottle, because he apparently likes wine.

"I didn't want there to be the additional cost or inconvenience of buying an accessory", he added.

While many have tried to come up with a solution to the greatest problem of our times (we're sticking with just putting a straw in the bottle), most of the devices on the market require wedging a contraction in the bottleneck.

When a full or almost full bottle of wine is poured, it's held at a slightly upward angle in relation to the glass.

After numerous tests, Perlman came up with the ideal groove that a wine stream could not get past - measuring roughly 2mm wide and 1mm deep.

Dr Perlman is a prolific inventor, holding over 100 patents and most recently developing coffee flour, an ingredient and nutritional supplement made from par-baked coffee beans.

But Dr Perlman is speaking with bottle manufacturers about using his design to make a practical change to wine bottles.

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