Published: Sat, March 25, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Cucked again! Healthcare vote canceled after Trump, Ryan fail to get votes

Cucked again! Healthcare vote canceled after Trump, Ryan fail to get votes

Trump blamed Democrats in Congress for the embarrassing defeat on Friday after Republicans were forced to cancel a vote on their health care bill, forcing Twitter to bring out the memes. "They'll say Trump couldn't close the deal".

Jeffrey Lord, a public Trump booster on CNN argued Thursday that Trump reminded him of Lyndon B. Johnson, comparing the backroom health care negotiations to the Johnson tapes of the former president's phone calls with lawmakers published years after he died.

"So we're gonna railroad this thing through and there's going to be even more people pissed off-our constituents, stakeholders".

But Lord said Ryan and the House Republican leadership's actions were "exasperating" after seven years of opposing Obamacare. As the health care bill continues to sink, many are beginning to wonder if it is a sign that Ryan should not be at the helm in the House as well.

But privately and in anonymous comments to the press, the administration is plainly also preparing a strategy to deflect blame if the bill fails.

A debate on the American Health Care Act is taking place in the House of Representatives, with the crucial vote due later on Friday.

Lawmakers were scheduled to vote this afternoon after Republican leaders delayed it yesterday only to again pull the plug after Ryan spoke with Trump as both realized they didn't have enough votes to pass the bill. In order to have passed the bill, Rep. Mark Meadows told CNBC, he thought there were as many as 40 additional affirmative votes needed.

Well, I guess that favor's not going to be given to them and it's going to get worse.

'And just remember, ' Trump warned: 'This is not our bill.

Addressing reporters following the decision, Ryan described the decision to pull the American Health Care Act as a setback, but claimed his caucus is now "motivated more than ever to step up our game". But that was nothing compared to what was coming to the Republicans in congress when Speaker Ryan had to tell them that they were moving on from healthcare. "And put Paul ryan at the back of the bus", said conservative pundit Michelle Malkin while on with Hannity.

But it came down to about fifteen Republicans, mostly from the conservative Freedom Caucus, who refused to vote for the Ryan plan, as modified by Trump.

Members of the conservative Freedom Caucus wanted the Republican bill to remove the requirement that insurers cover essential health benefits.

Placing lawmakers on this scale helps us better organize the groups that have chipped away at Speaker Paul Ryan's majority - and it shows why it's been so hard for Ryan to find strategic ways to appease certain factions to pass this bill. "This shameful bill steals from those who can at least afford it, including seniors, veterans, people living with HIV, children, the disabled", she said.

"I don't think this hurts Steve internally, but the people it's exposed are Reince and Gary Cohn", one of the sources said.

The president praised Ryan for his efforts.

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