Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Six Movie Arc Planned for Power Rangers Reboot

Rita Repulsa pausing a globe-destroying melee in order to sample her first donut is a good indicator of how silly and unpretentious Power Rangers allows itself to be. Ever since Lionsgate announced that the yellow Power Ranger Trini is gay, the 2017 film has been getting both praise and criticism from fans.

"Power Rangers", a reboot of the 1990's television show about five teenage superheroes, is opening at 3,693 locations Friday with expectations of about $30 million for the weekend.

For an origin story, we get stitched-together remnants of better movies ("Breakfast Club", "Spiderman", "127 Hours", "Breakfast Club" again) and warmed over teen angst.

But will Israelite be directing any of these potential future films? "Today's young audience is much more sophisticated", Saban says, because flattery is a necessary weapon in anyone's rhetorical arsenal.

The Power Rangers' end-credits scene definitely makes it seem like Tommy Oliver is going to show up in a sequel as the green ranger, which should make fans of the old TV series very excited. He said the film seeks to give "voices to characters that are underrepresented in not just movies, but also superhero movies".

In the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which debuted in America in 1993, Yost played Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, alongside St. John - who played Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger - and Jones, who played Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger. "I think it was intentional to be diverse but not the way everyone expected it to be-it was done in a more positive, genuine way".

Of course it might take longer than a single day to prove that the Power Rangers is a viable big picture franchise, but for now it sounds like there are still plenty of stories to tell if audiences do in fact embrace the reboot. You can see she's relishing the role and plays it beautifully, with plenty of menace and a healthy heap of cheese, making her a well rounded villain.

Do you think the Power Rangers will get a sequel? "We just haven't had the time to really sit down and talk about the full six, but there's no doubt there is enough material for it, absolutely no doubt that the franchise could be that big".

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