Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Culture | By Julio Duncan

Stephen Colbert Knows Why Trump Won't Throw Out the First Pitch

Stephen Colbert Knows Why Trump Won't Throw Out the First Pitch

Colbert brought famed Late Show Figure-It-Out-A-Tron to make sense of Nunes' relationship with Trump.

Donald Trump, a president who has said a lot of awful things about women despite claims that he has the utmost respect for them, spoke at a women's empowerment forum Wednesday, so Stephen Colbert took it as a chance to show what Trump really meant.

"The specific sucking in question involves Nunes' unsubstantiated claim that he's seen documents from a secret source that he met at the White House proving that Trump aides were incidentally caught up in government surveillance of foreign agents but it's not about Russia", Colbert explained. "And the government desperately needs overhaul".

He was referring to Kushner's appointment on Monday as the head of a new Office of American Innovation, tasked with diverse tasks like fixing health care for veterans and tackling opioid addiction.

After all, notes Colbert, we all know Kushner has great business ideas, like "being born into a wealthy real estate family, or marrying into a wealthy real estate family".

Jared reportedly said that he thinks "the government should be run like a great American company", and that the Trump administration wants to "achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens".

"He really should ri-ckuse himself", Colbert said. "We're not customers", pointed out Colbert. "We're citizens, which means we own the store". Unlike Fallon, Colbert has been critical of Trump for years, and is an expert in poking. fun at the current President. "You work for us, buddy", Stephen said.

Watch the clip in the video above.

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