Published: Mon, April 03, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

USA 'understands' Israeli decision to build new settlement in occupied West Bank

It will be used to house some 40 families whose homes were cleared from an unauthorised settlement outpost.

"He [Guterres] condemns all unilateral actions that, like the present one, threaten peace and undermine the two-state solution", he added. He said the move would also strengthen terrorists and extremist ideologies.

Spain condemned Israel " s decision to settle in the town of Geulat Zion.

"The secretary general has consistently stressed that there is no Plan B for Israelis and Palestinians to live together in peace and security", United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in a statement on Friday.

A German government spokesperson cited by Haaretz said that "the federal government expects the Israeli government to clarify which solution they are pursuing for a lasting peace with the Palestinians".

Momani called on the global community to unite in denouncing the "irresponsible expansionist policies of Israel", work for implementing relevant worldwide resolutions and stop "any unilateral provocative measures taken by Israel", prior to resuming negotiations that should eventually result in achieving a just and comprehensive peace.

Countries that have typically been supporting the Zionist entity in the past seem to be growing restless with the regime in Tel Aviv because of its defiant settlement activities on occupied territory.

Approved 14-0 in the 15-member Council, the resolution calls on "Israel" to immediately and completely cease all settlement activities on occupied Palestinian territory, including the West Bank.

It is meant to house residents of the West Bank outpost of Amona, which was demolished last month after Israel's high court ruled that it was built on privately owned Palestinian land.

"We send a clear message to the USA administration, the United Nations and to the European Union: Peace is not going to be achieved by tolerating such crimes", he added. The settlement announcement "is a grave violation" and a "very big and risky step", he said.

"This decision is a stark violation of the Palestinians' right in statehood and the creation of their own state at the borders of 1967".

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