Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
U.S. | By Monique Johnson

United CEO promises changes after passanger dragged of plane

United CEO promises changes after passanger dragged of plane

"I think that they'll follow through". In the first of what is expected to be a series of protests against United Airlines, Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow PUSH coalition are planning nationwide boycotts of United.

"With United, the customer is always last", Christie said.

"It's not so much what I thought, it's what I felt".

Munoz, blaming a "system failure", told the ABC morning show his airline was conducting a "deep and thorough review of a lot of our policies".

"That is not who our family at United is". "Well then you can drag me", he says.

Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a full flight after refusing to relinquish his seat. Passengers said blood dripped from his mouth after he hit his head on an armrest.

Also, two more airport police officers involved in dragging a passenger off a United Express flight at Chicago's O'Hare Airport have been placed on leave.

"They take the bait. and you dig yourself in a deeper hole", Bueermann said, comparing the United situation to that of a SC police officer seen on cellphone video in 2015 flipping a high school student backward in her desk-chair then dragging her across the classroom after she refused to leave. "[Sending law enforcement] to remove a booked, paid, seating passenger - we can't do that". "We can't do that".

Initially, Munoz issued an apology for "re-accommodating" Dao and three other passengers.

In his interview, Munoz said he has unsuccessfully tried to reach the passenger to apologize directly.

"He was a paying passenger, sitting on our seat on our aircraft and no one should be treated that way".

Attorneys for Dao filed court papers Wednesday asking the airline and the city of Chicago to preserve evidence in the case.

His attorney, Stephen L. Golan, issued a statement thanking well-wishers.

Lawyers for the passenger dragged from a United Airlines plane in Chicago filed an emergency request with an IL state court on Wednesday to require the carrier to preserve video recordings and other evidence related to the incident. If those crew members didn't get on board, a United spokeswoman said, their flight would have been canceled.

Footage from multiple angles within the plane show a tense group of passengers waiting for the moment to pass, as Dao eventually asserts, "I have to go home!" several times.

If I were on the flight and one of the employees had sat next to me, and if it were legal, I would have talked on my cellphone the entire trip to give them an idea of what inconvenience is like.

His pleas didn't work. No one should ever be mistreated this way.

The incident repulsed United customers across the country. Shares in United Airlines slipped by 4% Tuesday, and the company's market value plummeted by $1 billion.

Dr. Dao continued to say he would not leave the plane, even as an officer told him he could go to jail. "This is wrong", "Look at what you did to him" and "Busted his lip".

"We don't just fly into action when someone calls us", he said.

"Every day passengers are being "bumped off" flights", Christie wrote.

Of course, it's good for some passengers, too: Of the 475,000 people who were bumped off flights on the 12 largest airlines past year, 91% did it voluntarily, agreeing to take cash or a travel voucher and a seat on a later departure.

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