Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
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Easter: Nigerians should imbibe Christ's sacrificial spirit - Jonathan

Easter: Nigerians should imbibe Christ's sacrificial spirit - Jonathan

"Same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead will raise our hopes and restore our dreams ... and may this Easter usher in a true genuine change in our leaders and the followers in Jesus mighty name".

"If we're serious about Jesus, we need to take his instructions seriously and use our feet as we move outside this church and let people know that Jesus is in fact real", he said. It brings great joy and spreads hope for eternal life.

Visit any church and you'll find a multitude of people - they could be an ex-prison inmate, former gang member, a depressed lone parent, a husband or wife trapped in an unhappy marriage, a previously suicidal teenager, an ex-drug addict, or a career-driven, materially successful individual who is spiritually poor - who can testify how the Easter story has positively impacted their lives. Several families will also be participating in the Easter march from Bishop's college at 3pm on Sunday.

First Presbyterian Church minister Nyalle Paris said he was pleased with the turnout for the Sunday morning service at his church.

Easter Sunday is a special time for clergy members.

The festival of Easter celebrates Christ's resurrection.

"If Jesus is alive, it means that everything he said he was to do for you, he did them all", the clergyman noted. This time, Putin presented an Easter egg decoration of gold, brass and peridots to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Christian families in Kolkata had started preparing for Easter on the morning of Holy Saturday itself.

However, Reverend Rogers assured the packed church that Mary Magdalene, who is mentioned in all four gospels as a witness of the crucifixion and empty tomb, is a true example that "we can confront the empty tomb, seek and experience the risen Christ in our lives".

"A very Happy Easter Sunday to all Malaysian Christians celebrating at home or overseas", he said in expressing his good wishes to those celebrating Easter.

"It is a period when, after the 40-day Lenten period in which we deny ourselves of comfort and celebrate God's ultimate sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ for mankind".

Defined as the foundation of the Christian faith, adherents witness the priest light the paschal candle before mass commences at the church, signifying the light of Jesus entering the world.

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