Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

Google accidentally releases Android security test build update to the Pixel XL

Google accidentally releases Android security test build update to the Pixel XL

Google employees receiving and testing the updates are supposed to keep it to themselves and are barred from discussing it out in public forums. Let us know in the comments section.

When will Google release the Pixel 2? Google Pixel XL device owners will still need to update to the final build for this security update when it drops in May. According to the Verge, three months following the release of the original Google Pixel, the Mountain View-based company was still struggling to fulfill orders.

Unfortunately, Google messed up this time, sending out the update well ahead of the scheduled date of May 5.

Either way, we'll likely have to wait until later this year until Google reveals exactly when their second Pixel smartphones will be in the hands of consumers.

Flexible OLED displays are the ones used on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is highly acclaimed for its sleek and premium design courtesy of its bezel-less front panel.

How much will Google's Pixel 2 cost?

Google is not one to be left behind by its competition in the mobile scene. There isn't any information about the update included in the screenshot but if users who received it do decide to install the software it probably won't be long before someone makes the information available to the rest of the public which is what probably what Google doesn't want, and that could be bad for Google if the software has problems.

What should we expect from the Google Pixel 2? But hey, they do get to enjoy early features so what's there to complain about... But, Pixel XL received May Security update beforehand!

Google is doing a number of things. However, whether or not that means Google will continue with their current standard and XL modeling remains to be seen. Nevertheless, there's a possibility that the tech giant would release a more affordable Pixel device this year, alongside the company's premium offerings.

The Google Pixel 2 is expected to be announced and released this October.

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