Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
U.S. | By Monique Johnson

Labour leader says UK election 'establishment vs people'

Sir Vince Cable has confirmed that he will stand for the Lib Dems in Twickenham, declaring: "Bring it on!"

JEREMY CORBYN, the United Kingdom leader of the Labour Party, has ruled out any post-election coalition with the SNP, Greens or Liberal Democrats insisting that only a Labour Government can stop the Tories agenda of austerity.

"What do we know that the leader of the Labour Party, the leader of the Liberal Democrats and the leader of the Scottish nationalists have in common?" she asked Parliament.

"We'd like to meet to explore the best options for beating the Tories in June", they write.

With her shock announcement calling for an election Tuesday, May made a bid to strengthen her position going into negotiations for leaving the European Union but also to capitalize on Labour's weaknesses.

"At present there is manifestly a huge vacuum on the centre-left represented in substantial part by the 48% of the electorate who rejected Brexit and the lies on which it was based", Mr Marshall-Andrews told the newspaper. Louder clapping greeted defeated leadership candidate Yvette Cooper's call for the party to fight for every seat.

They are now in favour of a similar approach in a number of other seats in the general election. At the time, some Labour figures, among them Lisa Nandy, Clive Lewis and Jonathan Reynolds, argued their party should consider a similar move.

Lucas told Business Insider earlier this year that she had been in discussion with some Labour MPs about the possibility of forming an alliance. But Mr Corbyn shot back: "If she's so proud of her record, why won't she debate it?" Rather than taking a strong stand and backing the Remain campaign, Mr Corbyn dithered, preventing Labour from fully campaigning in support of it.

Critics suggest that there are also widespread grumblings among the party faithful who think that Labour can not win the election.

"The Prime Minister talks about a strong economy, but the truth is most people are worse off than they were when the Conservatives came to power seven years ago".

The idea is likely to gain currency now that polls suggest the Conservatives are on course for a landslide victory in June.

Despite Labour's poor opinion poll ratings, Mr Corbyn pointed to the fact that he was given a 200/1 chance of becoming Labour leader in 2015.

The only viable alternative government to the Tories is Labour, which must be actively supported by all working people. "Numerous public want us to join forces to help stop the Tories from further wrecking our country for generations to come and we hope you will be willing to at least take the first step and meet with us".

I'm kicking off our #GeneralElection campaign in one of the constituencies we'll win back to form a government to transform Britain. We are deeply concerned too about the prospect of a further Conservative majority and the impact on our crumbling NHS, the housing crisis, the environment and what for young people is a bleak and uncertain future. Britain is at a crossroads - and this election will dictate the very future of our country.

"Are we going to be a country that gives riches and makes riches for all of us, or are we going to be a country that works only to the make the richest even richer?"

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