Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Research | By Jo Caldwell

San Francisco: Apple iPhone 8 may have fingerprint reader at back

San Francisco: Apple iPhone 8 may have fingerprint reader at back

Apple is expected to shake things up a little bit with the iPhone 8. The latest model iPhone is tipped to come with an all-screen front, curved glass and a stainless steel frame alongside upgrades to the current models.

Dickson, who has a history of more than three years of leaking details of the pre-released iPhones, today has shared what could be confirmation of some Apple fans worst fear about the flagship iPhone 8 to be released later this year.

Apple stock has been rising and falling on iPhone 8 rumors and will continue to do so until after the phone hits store shelves, but what investors should be anxious about right now is what comes after it. Management has promised a generous surge in services revenue, but it seems doubtful that will be enough to keep investors sated because, let's face it. Selling services doesn't sound almost as sexy as coming up with the next hot gadget for sale.

For the premium model, Apple is testing a screen that covers nearly the entire front of the device, according to people familiar with the matter. The 10th anniversary iPhone is going to feature an all-new, premium design that is expected to kick off a massive upgrade wave.

According to them, Apple is testing new screen for that model which is said to cover the front of the device entirely and also the home button will be integrated into the screen itself. It may instead be subtler, running slightly over the edge and into the new steel frame. For now, the company is said to ship OLED panels from Samsung since others are not capable of supplying 100 million of panels to them. According to earlier reports, Apple is likely to commence its manufacturing operations in India with the iPhone SE.

TSMC will reportedly fabricate Apple's custom-designed A11 processor for the upcoming iPhone series slated for launch in September 2017. Samsung also tried this approach for the S8, but ended up installing a more standard fingerprint reader on the back of its phone due to the challenges, another person said. As it has done in the past, Apple is using camera components from Sony Corp., the person added. Waiting one year for Apple to work out the bugs in a new generation of device really wouldn't be a bad idea. Company engineers in the past have also experimented with integrating cameras into screens, another person said.

In the announcement, Imagination suggested it would see Apple in court claiming "it would be extremely challenging to design a brand new GPU architecture from basics without infringing its intellectual property rights".

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