Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Medicine | By Megan Pierce

Senators debate adding tax cuts to road-funding bill

Senators debate adding tax cuts to road-funding bill

The version Abbott is now backing - which could clear a key vote soon as Wednesday - still lacks the support of Texas' top business lobby.

The sudden buy-in from Abbott is significant, and stands apart from other Republican governors who have kept distance from similar proposals or outright rejected them over the past year. Ron Simmons, R-Carrollton, a "thoughtful proposal". It instead bans cities from adopting nondiscrimination ordinances that would apply to restrooms. Abbott was noncommittal over similar language that passed the Texas Senate in March over opposition from businesses including Facebook and Google, celebrities and disapproval from the National Football League and NBA. The powerful Republican House Speaker has staunchly opposed a version passed by the Senate in March - which mirrored North Carolina's original law - and has not let that the bill come up for a vote in his chamber.

Libby Gonzales, a transgender girl, left, sits with her mother Rachel, second from left, during a news conference held by opponents, including the ACLU, of a "bathroom bill" at the Texas State Capitol, Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in Austin, Texas. He has another measure - SB 2143 - to increase the basic allotment per student permanently to $5,140.

HB21 increases how much the state spends per student and slightly decreases recapture.

The bill tweaks the current "Robin Hood" system, decreasing some local property tax revenue that school districts in wealthy areas share with those in poorer parts of the state.

"There is agreement between the majority of the House and Senate that the smoking of cannabis is not an act that is consistent with a healthy life and not consistent with consuming medicine", Bradley said.

The Republicans behind the blocking effort said they wanted to get something passed on roads this year but also are seeking to offset the gas tax increases by reducing income taxes in the state. It's an action that many are hoping will force more corporations to settle rather than draw out a lengthy and costly court battle. A final, largely formulaic vote Thursday sends it to the Texas Senate.

McCarthy wants Florida in that same boat, by pushing for companies licensed to cultivate and distribute medical marijuana be required to have diversity plans. The bill would change that to require the pay out of interest in civil cases from their start.

State Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, the bill's sponsor, earlier this year likened the Dallas ambush to the September 11 attacks and John F. Kennedy's assassination, saying, "You know where you were on July 7". Heard is one of the chief sponsors of the bill, which would require the Department of Education to create written information about apprenticeship opportunities and require public high schools to share the materials with students and their parents. It was introduced to the Senate by Republican Sen. and former Rep. Greg Steube of Sarasota.

Three gun control bills received hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday.

Senate Bill 764 directs state police to study why concealed handgun licenses have been denied.

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