Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Electronics | By Jesus Weaver

Why Are Roaches So Obsessed With The PlayStation 4?

Why Are Roaches So Obsessed With The PlayStation 4?

Sony's PlayStation 4, though, apparently is prone to a bug problem that is both very literal and very disgusting. Roaches make their way into Xbox Ones sometimes, too. "That's when he pointed to the 'roach bags, ' black garbage bags heaped up in the corner of the room". They love the amenities: the wide base vents they can swagger through like saloon doors, the warm power supply that serves as a family hearth, and the circuit boards their kids can fall onto, melting their bodies.

The company says that the PlayStation 4 Slim console with double the storage is going to be available for purchase from retailers like Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy later this month.

"I heard about the PS4's roach problem at an independent console fix shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan". The co-founder of the shop, Patrick Che, mentions that roaches are one of the common problems they experience with game consoles, mainly the PS4.

Another console repairman said most people don't even realize their console is full of roaches.

The internal power supply of the PlayStation 4, compared to the external power supply of the Xbox One, warms up the interior of the console better, and in combination with dark and enclosed spaces, make for a flawless bug hotel for cockroaches. In addition, as the roaches begin to build their family, they also leave their excrement behind which melts into the hardware.

If some are still alive, they take the bag outside and use a super powerful blower to target the crevices of the device, blowing off all the cockroaches. Console fix experts say they know this because roaches leave traces. The PS4s just stop working and the owners don't know why.

They crawl around amongst high voltage components in tight spaces, and if their bodies rub their bodies in the wrong two places and get zapped, then your console wont turn on anymore.

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