Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
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Allies silent over 'show of force' by United States carrier

Allies silent over 'show of force' by United States carrier

The U.S. military's Pacific Command explained on Tuesday that the strike group first had to complete a shorter-than-initially planned period of training with Australia. Last week, the White House said it was deploying the aircraft carrier and its battle group, described as an "armada" by President Trump, to the Korean Peninsula in a show of force against North Korea.

He added that the presence of tens of thousands of US personnel in South Korea and Japan "gives me great confidence that the United States presence in the Asian Pacific is strong, and under President Trump's leadership it will be stronger still".

The move was designed as a show of force against North Korea's nuclear threat and prompted fears of an imminent war.

The US Navy said on 8 April that the Carl Vinson strike group was travelling to the Korean peninsula amid tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions.

But now it appears the strike group is headed to Korean waters, with intent to stay for some time.

He said the USA was "working closely" with China to engage North Korea. "The statement that was put out was that the Carl Vinson Group was headed to the Korean Peninsula".

"At a time of emergency, disinformation could be used as a tactic, but if the USA president spreads disinformation in peacetime like now, it would hurt the credibility of the US", he said.

The U.S. Navy strike fleet headed by USS Carl Vinson was thousands of kilometers away from the Korean peninsula last weekend.

The USS Carl Vinson strike group includes the flagship aircraft carrier, its air wing, the destroyers USS Wayne E. Meyer and USS Michael Murphy, and the cruiser USS Lake Champlain.

While House officials have since said their account was based on "guidance from the Defense Department", according to The New York Times.

"Like North Korea, which is often accused of displaying fake missiles during military parades, is the United States, too, now employing "bluffing" as its North Korea policy?" it asked.

But some questioned why the timeline was not corrected earlier given the tensions involving nuclear-armed North Korea.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the warships were, in fact, still in waters off the northwest coast of Australia and would "start heading north towards the Sea of Japan within the next 24 hours".

It also comes as the White House faces ongoing credibility issues on a broad range of topics including the size of Trump's inaugural crowd, his unsubstantiated claim that he was "wiretapped" by the Obama administration and his unsupported assertion millions of votes in November's election were illegal.

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