Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Electronics | By Jesus Weaver

Chevrolet FNR-X concept wows China

Chevrolet FNR-X concept wows China

In reality, the concept has not one, but seven screens - with three alone projecting images onto the FNR-X's windscreen that includes providing a handy 270 degree view of the road behind, if needed. Both were created by GM's joint venture with the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center.

Chevrolet quoted the vehicle to be the "all-purpose sports concept vehicle" and this is despite of the fact that the FNR-X is made to run on a pure electric powertrain. In V mode, the suspension rises to offer additional ground clearance.

To give credit where its due, the FNR-X has a front fascia with elements of Camaro ZL1, combined with jewled LED headlamps, deep bodyside sculpting and a black A-pillar. Chevy says the system will select the best route based on its predictions for complex road conditions.

On the move the concept also introduces active aero largely alien to the small crossover class. Features like active grill shutters are nothing new, but the United States auto maker's concept also comes with adjustable wheel blades, front and rear spoilers and side skirts that move according to driving style to maximise downforce or minimise drag. Even the blades on the alloy wheels can adjust to assist smooth airflow.

The side mirrors have been replaced by cameras and the doors are rear-hinged to provide a wide aperture that can be operated remotely. The steering wheel and dashboard have a sporty integrated design, while the seats can be moved easily to maximize cargo capacity.

That description may also apply to the Buick Velite concept, a design study for a five-door hatchback that was shown last fall at the Guangzhou auto show. Interacting with the FNR-X is done mostly via voice commands. No details on the powertrain were provided. It's a rebadged current-generation Chevrolet Volt, meant to take advantage of the prestige of the Buick brand in China, which buys five times as many Buicks as are sold in the U.S.

While we're unlikely to see a vehicle like the FNR-X in showrooms, some of the design features and technologies on the concept should appear on future Chevys.

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