Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Jeremy Corbyn rules out backing second referendum on final Brexit deal

Sources close to Jeremy Corbyn have told RT that the Labour leader's son is not running for election on June 8, as was reported by the Telegraph on Thursday.

Corbyn was elected party leader in 2015 and again previous year thanks to strong backing from grassroots Labour members, but many of his more centrist MPs believe he can not secure the broad public support needed to win power.

"We will not let the elite extract wealth from the pockets of ordinary working people any longer".

"Primarily, it's about getting and retaining tariff-free access to the European market".

"You only have to take one look at the polls to know Jeremy Corbyn ain't going anywhere near Number 10 Downing Street on his own or with the help of anyone else", Ms Sturgeon said.

"In 2015, I was given 200/1 as an outside chance", Corbyn said in reference to his successful Labour leadership bid. We truly are at a crossroads for Britain's future.

"Labour is the party that will put the interests of the majority first, while the Tories (Conservatives) only really care about those who already have so much", he said, adding this was why he was determined to "prove the establishment experts wrong and change the direction of this election".

"We've set out our lines on negotiation".

Corbyn, who voted to leave the EU's predecessor in 1975 but supported "Remain" previous year, has been criticised for muddling the party's position on Brexit and failing to effectively challenge May's push for a clean break with the bloc.

Controversial business figures like Mike Ashley of Sports Direct, Sir Philip Green, Southern Rail and tax-avoiding multinationals should be "worried" about the prospect of a Labour government, said Mr Corbyn.

"Compare their lives with the multinational corporations and the gilded elite who hide their money in the Cayman Islands because the Conservatives are too morally bankrupt to take them on", he said.

"It is wealth that should belong to the majority and not the tiny minority".

But shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry played down suggestions new taxes might be introduced at this level, telling BBC Radio 4's Today programme she understood why "many people" on this salary might feel they are "not rich".

Labour is seeking to focus the election on policy, given Mr Corbyn's dismal personal poll ratings.

After the speech, a spokeswoman for the leader said Labour's position, backing a "meaningful vote" in Parliament, had not changed but did not explicitly rule out a second referendum.

He made clear Labour's manifesto would be "fully costed and will be all accounted for and paid for".

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