Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Now Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz 'might depart early'

Now Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz 'might depart early'

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz announced on Wednesday that he will not seek re-election.

"I have long advocated public service should be for a limited time and not a lifetime or full career", Chaffetz said in a statement, as The New York Times reports.

"I wish him well in the private sector and I especially am happy that he will be able to spend more time with his family, which is what's most important", Kidd said.

Despite his announcement to not run for anything in 2018, Chaffetz did not close the door on a future political run. But Chaffetz could also be taking a hiatus from the political scene before a gubernatorial run in 2020, something he reportedly expressed interest in previous year.

Before coming to serve in the House of Representatives, Chaffetz started a corporate communications and marketing company called Maxtera Utah Inc., and so when he talks of a return to the private sector, he presumably means he will go back to work at this company.

Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, also drew fire from Democrats after saying he would not investigate Trump's business empire, given that he had promised before the presidential election that he would investigate Clinton "for years" if she was elected.

Dr. Kathryn Allen, a Democrat and first-time candidate, harnessed the anger over Chaffetz's iPhone comments and raised more than half a million dollars.

What do you think about Jason Chaffetz deciding not to run for re-election? No firm progress on either of those ideas has been made so far in the present Congress. "The more I'm here, the more I'm convinced I don't want to be in the United States Senate", Chaffetz said.

If Chaffetz runs for governor, he won't necessarily be the front-runner, Karpowitz said.

His announcement comes as he and other Republicans face pressure to be a check on President Donald Trump.

Chaffetz is at least the seventh House Republican this year to resign or announce retirement plans; those seven include four members who left to join Trump's Cabinet.

During the 2016 campaign, Chaffetz made headlines after rescinding his support for Trump following the release of a tape depicting Trump using sexually aggressive language and then providing his endorsement again as the election neared.

But Chaffetz was also facing a tougher than usual reelection battle with a potential primary challenge from the Republican mayor of Provo John Curtis.

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