Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Russian Federation opposes draft United Nations statement condemning N. Korea over launch

U.S. fears their small strike may generate a big response from North Korea and that's making everyone sit tight right now.

The unsuccessful test launch of a North Korean medium-range missile on Saturday has fueled media speculation the missile blew up as a result of USA clandestine cyber attacks.

The host nation - Japan - was represented by Director General for Defense Policy Satoshi Maeda.

Another official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss an intelligence matter, said the missile was a Scud variant that the USA calls a KN-17.

North Korea's large military parade in Pyongyang on Saturday highlighted several new missile developments.

Kim Jung-soo, Arirang News.

Kim Jong Un, the current leader of North Korea, was the guest of honor at a grand concert hall in Pyongyang on Sunday for the full orchestral tribute to his late grandfather.

As for public opinion in the USA, the jury is still out. And uncompromising warnings in a BBC interview from Vice Foreign Minister Han Song Ryol that the North will continue to test missiles on "a weekly, monthly and yearly basis", is a sign that Kim has not been cowed by Trump's "big stick" display of military force.

Mr Trump revealed the Chinese leader had explained the situation on the Korean Peninsular - divided into communist North Korea and capitalist South Korea following the Second World War - which led him to conclude, "After ten minutes, I realised it's not so easy". -South Korea military exercises. While the US and its South Korean ally would nearly certainly prevail in a war with the North, a devastated North would pose its own challenge given the risk that hidden fissile material might fall into the hands of extremist organizations or other rogue regimes-the "loose nukes" scenario.

History reminds us that in worldwide crises, dialogue and clear lines of communication are essential to minimize the risk of conflict arising not through malign intent but as a result of misperception and miscalculation.

She said that she wanted Pyongyang to see that the United States was not an aggressor.

But Schilling referred to the regime's unpredictability, saying, "Probably their first response will not be nuclear - it might not even involve missiles", Schilling said.

In taking on North Korea so directly, Trump confronts a problem that bedeviled his predecessors from both political parties.

The debate over possible US military responses predates anyone in the federal government today.

Next week, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will chair a minister-level meeting on the North Korean issue at the UN.

He also appeared to think he was dealing with the now deceased father of Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il, who was in power in North Korea during the Clinton presidency and for most of Barack Obama's first term.

More than 30 years after Nixon, The Atlantic magazine ran a war-gaming scenario, assembling experts to come up with what a USA response would look like. Run by retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner, the exercise ultimately ended in discord, with little agreement aside from the consensus that the North Korean problem would only grow worse over time.

The US Navy's Carl Vinson strike group - consisting of an aircraft carrier and other warships - is on its way to the Western Pacific, Pacific Command said on Tuesday, following an order from President Donald Trump last week. And he says most options for action could result in all-out war or, short of that, spur the regime to ideal the nuclear weapons it so desperately wants - and which Trump says he won't let it get.

"In essence, there is no military option", Gardiner said.

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