Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Economy | By Annette Adams

Trump bashes New York Times for Patriots photo 'lie'

Trump bashes New York Times for Patriots photo 'lie'

After Trump finished a White House ceremony with the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, this tweet went viral.

TMZ, among other online sites, posted a screen grab of the now-deleted message from the super model's official account.

That said, there were in fact fewer players at yesterday's ceremony than at the one held two years ago. In the case of the picture taken during the visit with President Obama, the Patriots tweeted, more than 40 staff members are seen on the stairs.

"Patriots say (number) of players was smaller this year than 2015, but total delegation was roughly the same", the publication wrote. That is still down considerably from the estimated 50 players who visited Obama in 2015, but that too can be explained, at least in part, by the timing of the Super Bowl (cont. below).

But just hours before the White House ceremony, Bündchen reportedly promoted an anti-Trump protest, the People's Climate March, saying, "On April 29th in Washington- D.C. - March for climate, jobs, and justice".

The organization said 34 players visited the White House Wednesday.

The Patriots argued on Twitter that the photos lack context, and that football staff who had been on the stairs in the Obama photos were seated on the South Lawn this year.

While some players stated they were skipping the Trump event for political reasons, the team suggested that because it has won two Super Bowls in three seasons, the lack of novelty of a White House visit might have kept some players away. "Today, we had 34".

Some veteran players were simply bored with the process after appearing at the White House two years ago, the spokesman told the Times.

But the celebrity web side reported Trump felt "betrayed" by Brady's absence, and made no mention of him at the White House event. Tom Brady was among the players not in attendance, with the quarterback saying he didn't attend for "personal family matters".

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