Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Economy | By Annette Adams

United Kingdom parliament votes in favour of early general election

United Kingdom parliament votes in favour of early general election

Ms May, Britain's second female prime minister, also has strong popular support for her handling of the political natural disaster unleashed by Brexit.

He said things were not easy for Labour, but the party had faced "very great difficulties in the past". Bad generals fight the last war. Some opinion polls have put Labour more than 20 points behind the Conservatives.

"We won't be doing television debates", May said, adding that politicians should spend election campaigns "out and about" meeting voters. "They're going to suffer very badly, and there's no way of polishing it up and seeing a bright side". She came to power when the previous Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down after the Brexit vote past year.

"What the British people - what the people of the United Kingdom - voted for previous year was for the UK to leave the European Union". Previously she had played down the possibility of an early election, and no poll was due until 2020.

In Bolton, Mrs May said the country now has a "unity of purpose" and a desire for the Government to "get on" with implementing Brexit and "making a success of it". "That will take a political generation to overcome".

British voters will be heading to polling stations for the third time since 2015, after lawmakers overwhelmingly backed Prime Minister Theresa May's call for a snap election on June 8.

MPs have voted in the House of Commons Wednesday and voted for general election on 8 June.

Former Treasury chief George Osborne, a leader of the losing campaign to keep Britain in the European Union, says he won't be a candidate in the June 8 elections.

"The only way is up" for the party, she wrote. "They're quite right I don't".

Following considerable wrangling over the formats, the 2015 saw debates featuring Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg alongside Labour leader Ed Miliband, as well as the leaders of Ukip, the SNP, Greens and Plaid Cymru.

"Only by voting Labour can we get rid of Theresa May and stop further cuts to public services". At the same time, he's alienated a chunk of his parliamentary group with poor organisation and radical left views and was accused of a lackluster contribution to keeping Britain in the EU.

The sun sets behind Britain's House of Commons and Big Ben in central London.

May, 60, had stunned her allies as well as opponents when she called for a snap poll yesterday.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said that, for Ms May, calling the election is "the political equivalent of taking candy from a baby". No margin of error was given.

She said to wait until the scheduled date of 2020 would mean a campaign getting underway as the Brexit talks were reaching the conclusion. Now that's been brought forward by three years.

In a worrying sign for Labour, three of its MPs have already announced they will not stand again. "That is the difference between Labour and the Tories".

"I want a Labour government that makes sure that £10 an hour is the living wage and is paid to all workers all over the country".

He will vow to "prove the Establishment experts wrong and change the direction of this election". In the 1983 vote, it emerged with 209 seats.

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