Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

United States aircraft carrier to reach waters near NKorea next week

United States aircraft carrier to reach waters near NKorea next week

He stated the situation in the Korean peninsula is highly sensitive all countries involved should avoid aggravating the situation.

As worries deepened last week about whether North Korea would conduct a missile test, the White House declared that ordering a USA aircraft carrier into the Sea of Japan would send a powerful deterrent signal and give President Donald Trump more options in responding to the North's provocative behaviour.

US President Donald Trump the next day said: "We are sending an armada".

The BBC's Korea correspondent, Stephen Evans, says it is not clear whether the mix-up was a deliberate deception, perhaps created to frighten North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, a change of plan or simple miscommunication.

White House officials said on Tuesday (April 18) they were relying on guidance from the Defence Department.

Citing unnamed officials, CNN reports the strike group is expected to be in the area near the Korean Peninsula within the next two weeks.

By the time the misunderstanding was realised, the genie was out of the bottle, with news outlets across the world reporting that the naval strike group was steaming north to scare the rogue nation straight.

So maybe the carrier will get to Korea.

The Carl Vinson carrier strike group will remain deployed forward 30 days longer than planned due to a requirement that the ships stand guard in the Western Pacific, strike group commander Rear Adm. Jim Kilby said in a message to the families of those deployed.

Navy officials declined to discuss specific timing of future operations because of security concerns.

The footage included subtitles, without narration, to criticize the sanctions, then cutting to video of North Korea's recent military parade commemorating the birth anniversary of founder Kim Il Sung. North Korea was about to test a missile, and the Trump administration was ratcheting up USA rhetoric about a potential standoff. Experts warned that Pyongyang might conduct a missile test.

The U.S. ships have the ability to shoot down incoming missiles and launch cruise missiles of their own.

The photos show the USS Carl Vinson transiting the Sunda Strait in Indonesia, which is about 3,500 miles from Korea. "Our mission is to reassure allies and our partners of our steadfast commitment to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region".

It is now - really - steaming northward and is expected to arrive in the Sea of Japan next week, US officials said.

He also thanked the families of the sailors on board for their continued sacrifice, understanding and support.

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