Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
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Len McCluskey 'confident' that opinion polls will start to turn for Labour

Len McCluskey 'confident' that opinion polls will start to turn for Labour

Labour is the first of the major parties to publish its manifesto ahead of the June 8 general election, the BBC reported.

"Whilst some measures such as commitments to exempt the smallest businesses from burdensome quarterly tax reporting and reforms to business rates are positive, there is not much overall to help businesses, especially SMEs", said Ibbotson.

As the Tories turned their fire on Labour following Tuesday's manifesto launch, the Prime Minister claimed there was a £58 billion black hole in Mr Corbyn's plans - a figure rejected by Labour who insist the programme is fully costed - while Mr Hammond said numerous party's plans to nationalise industries and raise tax on the rich were "questionable". "Either way it'll be a party, to celebrate Jeremy's victory or to celebrate our continuing struggle against this regressive Tory government", he said.

It came as Labour made further gains in the polls, as support for the party reached its highest point of the general election campaign so far.

The suspense around Labour's policies was undermined when a draft version of the manifesto was leaked to the media last week.

The party's election platform includes promises to increase the minimum wage to 10 pounds ($12.89) an hour by 2020 from the current 7.50 pounds, nationalize railways, energy companies and the postal service, scrap university tuition fees and pump billions more into the National Health Service.

But Mr Corbyn, promising lower utility bills after re-nationalisation, says: "The Tories have rigged our economy so that bill payers fund wealthy shareholders of companies which in turn pay little in tax". The party wants Wales to continue to be able to trade with the European Union without costly barriers but its leader Liane Wood said it is no longer seeking to keep Wales in the single market.

He added: "The function of leadership is to understand the stresses that people face in their daily lives, the frustration, the thwarted ambition, the anger that they face and try to produce policies that make that different".

So overall, Labour's tax and spending plans are not as radical as they have been presented.

Local Labour campaigner Joe Ashton, 29, said the manifesto set the party apart from others.

The PM said the country needed strong leadership and a credible economic plan - something she said Jeremy Corbyn could not offer.

To increase the rates so dramatically at precisely the time when the United Kingdom should be striving to establish its global competitiveness and when many other countries are cutting their headline rates - particularly the U.S. - would be suicidal for the United Kingdom economy, ' he said.

But its analysis also warned it was "highly uncertain" that income tax rises would bring in the £6.4bn that Labour expects.

"But let me say this - over this next couple of weeks, if he's still there, I am challenging him to a televised debate".

"Labour is right that there has so far not been almost enough engagement with the public and patients and this needs to happen, but where the case for change has been made politicians should not stand in the way", he said.

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