Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Committed to build new India: PM Modi on BJP govt's 3 years

Committed to build new India: PM Modi on BJP govt's 3 years

Many senior Congress leaders on Tuesday blamed the Narendra Modi government at the Centre for its failure to create jobs for the unemployed youth in the country.

Meanwhile, after three years, a survey conducted by LocalCircles has shown at 3 year mark, 61 percent citizens satisfied with government performance. An organization which primary focused on urban daily life, even as addressing urban communities' "common issues", LocalCircles claims its survey is "largest" of its kind, involving "over 40,000 unique citizens", 68% of which are males - 42% from tier 1 cities, 28% from tier 2 cities, and the rest from tier 3 cities and rural locations.

About 60 per cent of participants in the survey felt that crime against women and children has not come down. Modi's signature Clean India campaign seems to fail to impress as 57 per cent of the people responded in negative when asked if their cities were cleaner.

Despite many policy observers attacking the government for its handling of Pakistan, little less than two-thirds of all respondents believe that the Narendra Modi regime has handled the neighbouring country suitably.

Around 39 per cent - 3 per cent more than the past year - expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the Modi government on various fronts.

The contradiction reinforces the goodwill the PM continues to enjoy despite poor rating of his government's schemes that have a bearing on daily life. Around 69 per cent of the citizens polled said that their local MP is not engaged with the constituency. But, in the LocalCircles survey, people did not agree with the government-sponsored results. On overall rating, people's support for the government has declined from 64 per cent last year to 61 per cent this year. "Overall, as change hasn't come fast enough for most people, there is a decline in citizens' rating of the government in most areas compared to a year ago", stated LocalCircles.

Around 66 per cent of the citizens believe that the price of essential commodities and cost of living have gone up. "This means there is a difference between citizens' perception and official inflation indicators", the survey agency said.

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