Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
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Congressman Calls For Trump's Impeachment; Says 'Democracy At Risk'

Even an impeachment of President Donald Trump wouldn't necessarily derail tax cuts - but it could wind up killing tax reform.

Today on the floor of the Congress of the United States of America, I will call for the Impeachment of the President between 9am & 10am CST.

The memo was written immediately after the meeting, a day after Michael Flynn resigned, according to media reports.

"I've got my subpoena pen ready if you're thinking about not giving them to us".

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Green joined other Democratic lawmakers to call for the president's impeachment, although Democratic leadership in Congress said it was too soon to move ahead with such action, Fox News reported.

"It simply means the House of Representatives will bring charges against the president".

The Hill asked Amash Wednesday if the contents of the memo would be grounds for impeachment if it turned out they were true.

Green's call comes one day after The New York Times reported that Trump asked then-FBI Director James Comey in February to end the federal investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was sacked for misrepresenting his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the presidential transition period.

The Comey revelation will certainly be one of the primary talking points for the Democrats this morning, but Trump's decision to let the Russians in on classified information regarding ISIS as well as Trump's admission that he had the Russia investigation on his mind when he fired Comey will likely come into play as well.

His handling of the controversy could serve as canary in the coalmine for vulnerable Republicans more generally as they try to navigate the troubled political waters around Trump.

Republicans have no real danger of losing control of the Senate in next year's midterm elections.

Putin said he was pleased by the results of Lavrov's meeting with Trump, but demonstrated his irritation with what he described as anti-Russian "political schizophrenia spreading in the U.S".

The Trump White House swung into crisis mode after the story broke.

In order for a president to be impeached, a resolution for impeachment must pass the House by a simple majority. "But we have an obligation to carry out our oversight regardless of which party is in the White House".

The fresh USA crisis sank the dollar early on Wednesday as well as Hong Kong stocks amid worries Mr Trump's economy-boosting and tax-cutting agenda could be derailed.

And he wasn't the only one to break ranks on Comey.

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