Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Sport | By Ellis Neal

Fernando Alonso: Indy 500 'horrible laps' await McLaren driver

Fernando Alonso: Indy 500 'horrible laps' await McLaren driver

"And that's why on May 28, on the biggest weekend in motor sports, I won't be with my Formula 1 team at the Monaco Grand Prix".

Alonso, who is now in his 16th season as a Formula 1 driver, revealed he has had his eyes set on an appearance in IN for a long time.

Brown has since instigated a number of changes at McLaren, with one of the most significant steps being a return to the Indianapolis 500 with Alonso at the wheel. "I belong there. Because I'm a racer". "The vehicle felt quite OK from the very beginning of the morning, but then I think we did improve it during the day, so I'm quite happy". You go out there, you jump in the vehicle, adjust the set-up of the auto, the precision you need with your feedback and the set-up tuning. they change a quarter of a millimeter here, a quarter of a degree there, things that could change the balance of the auto completely, even if four corners seems not too hard. So, I think that's a great example of how important is this career.

OS: Well, I like Karaoke, cooking and I will open my new restaurant in Santa Monica called "Poking" and it will be based on Hawaiian style cousine "Poke".

You can follow live streaming during Friday's practice at IndyCar's Race Control.

A two-time World Champion, the Spaniard will not race around the streets of Monte Carlo for the first time since 2002. At the moment for me, the whole event as a driver keeps adding quality, experience and I think I will finish the event as a better driver.

Swapping Formula 1 for IndyCars means a completely different experience for the Spaniard, both the racing and the general atmosphere.

"Gil de Ferran - who is helping me every day - he keeps repeating: 'Man, the four laps of qualifying will be the most awful laps that you have ever done in a auto!' Because the vehicle feels so light, you trim a lot of the downforce, you want to have a good position. I think tomorrow we will concentrate a little bit more alone on qualifying, but the priority is the race".

Vettel wasn't pleased coming in behind the Mercedes, and put the burden on himself to get more out of his vehicle that has given Mercedes its first real challenge in years. "If I'm able to enjoy it [at Indy] and I'm able to have another opportunity, why not?" The Indy 500 is the main focus, for now.

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