Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

General election: 'Doesn't matter if I'm a Corbyn fan'

General election: 'Doesn't matter if I'm a Corbyn fan'

Mr Corbyn, who has been boosted by two opinion polls showing Labour gaining ground on the Conservatives ahead of the General Election, responded this morning.

Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson said only Labour will "stand up for hard working people" after the party launched its general election manifesto.

"Our plans for public ownership and greater transparency will slash bills and drive investment in efficiency and renewables".

Yesterday there was excitement in the Labour leadership's office as our latest poll showed them gaining eight points after the launch of their manifesto, cutting the Conservative lead to (only) 15 percentage points.

A draft version of the Labour manifesto was leaked last week. "So I believe in these next few weeks we can do it".

"The scale of the task is enormous".

It's ideal. Jeremy can not win, and every time you propel him and his views into the public eye, you destroy the Labour party a little bit more.

Mr Corbyn appears to have benefited from publicity over his far Left manifesto at the expense of the Lib Dems who have seen support collapse by 6 points to just 7 per cent. And I just say this too - this could be a young person's election, because large numbers of young people are registering, for the first time those interested in politics want to have their say.

She told BBC Radio Scotland: "I hope he is wrong, I want to see a Labour government across the whole of the United Kingdom, that's what I'm spending every waking moment of my day campaigning for".

"I don't think it matters whether I'm a fan or not - it matters whether I think he can do the job in running the country".

Labour also said if it wins the election on June 8 it would increase taxes on Britain's highest earners, introduce a levy on financial transactions and impose an "excessive pay levy" on companies with staff earning more than 330,000 pounds. "The truth is, wherever he goes ... there are massive, massive crowds that turn out for him".

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