Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Global Media | By Meredith Barber

Pakistan to pursue Jadhav case with no compromise on national security: Marriyum

Pakistan to pursue Jadhav case with no compromise on national security: Marriyum

To a question, the minister of state said that the Indian spy will be provided every opportunity and remedy available under the law and the Constitution of Pakistan.

"Once India gets consular access, there will be right of appeal, if any assistance is needed, I will be happy to help Kulbhushan's family", Sibal, a noted lawyer, told reporters here.

Congress was skeptical of the Modi government's decision to move the International Court of Justice.

Zakaria said Pakistan's reply to the court was submitted in line with Article 36 of the Vienna Convention, explaining that Pakistan does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICJ on some issues.

Salve said that consular access to Jadhav would be given now, but he has asked for "restitution".

It has achieved its immediate objective in approaching the ICJ, which has outlined provisional measures that enjoin Pakistan to take all steps needed to ensure that Mr. Jadhav, a former naval officer under death sentence in Pakistan, is not executed pending adjudication of the matter.

During its submission to the ICJ on May 15, India had demanded the immediate annulment of Jadhav's death sentence, expressing fears that Pakistan could execute him even before the hearing at the ICJ was over.

Pakistan's Foreign Office on Thursday said that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has no jurisdiction over the county's national security matters. And that man was none other than Harish Salve, the lawyer representing India at the ICJ. The two leaders thanked senior lawyer Harish Salve, who headed a battery of lawyers presenting Indias case at The Hague.

Another opposition leader, Kamil Ali Agha, described the ICJ decision as the "biggest diplomatic defeat" for Pakistan.

Pakistan, on its part, told the ICJ that the provisions of Vienna Convention on consular access were not applicable for a "spy". "Government of India sought advice from me at the initial stage after which I researched about the case and gave my advice", he said. Jadhav's case is related to Pakistan's security.

Asked about the reported refusal of Pakistan Foreign Office to accept the ICJ order, Jaitley said it would amount to Pakistan violating the cannons of global norms.

Jadhav was reportedly arrested from Pakistan's Balochistan province on March 3, 2016.

Islamabad could insist on cooperation from India on the investigation into Jadhav's activities, he said.

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